Risk rating
Threatened self-harm

On the 15/10/2015 at approximately 10:20 [REDACTED] disclosed the following to case worker [REDACTED] (CW): if she is not taken to australia to have her baby she will kill herself and her baby. She will not go to PNG to have her baby stating “they don’t have the facilities to properly perform a caesarean”. [REDACTED] informed that she believes she and her baby will die at PNG. She stated “if I am made to have my baby on Nauru, I will have my baby in my tent and kill myself and my baby”. [REDACTED] stated “I have a plan” [REDACTED] then proceeded to go into her tent and came out with a razor. She showed the razor to CW and explained she could take out the blade from the razor and with her hand gestured moving the razor across her stomach, indicating how she would self-harm. [REDACTED] further disdosed she would cut open her stomach and stated “to do my own caesarean”. [REDACTED] then inforrned she would pull out the baby and then stated “I will then cut the baby in half”. [REDACTED] went on to inform that if they take away the razors there are many in RPC3 and that she would find one. She informed if she could not find any razor’s she would throw herself onto a chair or beat herself with the chair or a rock until she killed herself and the baby. [REDACTED] informed CW she wanted Australian border force (ABF) to be aware of her plans so that they understood it was ABF’s fault for making her have to kill herself and her baby. [REDACTED] stated “l will not raise another child on Nauru”. [REDACTED] informed the only thing that would stop her from killing herself and her baby was if she was taken to Australia. CW discussed [REDACTED] attending IHMS mental health. [REDACTED] informed that she has already informed IHMS mental health, IHMS midwifes and the IHMS clinical staff of her plan and that they continue to message her that she will be having her baby in Nauru. [REDACTED] informed CW that she refused to have any further interactions with any IHMS clinical staff

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