Risk rating
Actual self-harm

On the 13/10/2015 at approximately 1345 SCA case worker [REDACTED] was approached by asylum seeker [REDACTED] her daughter [REDACTED] ([REDACTED], age [REDACTED]) was also present. [REDACTED] disclosed the following: three days ago [REDACTED] had self-harmed and had used something sharp to cut her wrist with. [REDACTED] explained she did not inform anyone what had happened because [REDACTED] was frightened of getting in trouble. [REDACTED] explained she was very worried about her daughter and needed support. [REDACTED] disclosed the following: she had cut her wrist because she was sad, she explained that she was sad because all her friends had received positive RSDs and was worried she would be left in the RPC3 all alone. She expressed she had no friends at school and didn’t enjoy attending CW observed the cut on [REDACTED] wrist. It was approximately lcm long and had some dried blood on the cut. CW advised [REDACTED] that she should take [REDACTED] to ihms to ensure the cut did not get infected. CW also requested that [REDACTED] also take [REDACTED] to be assessed by IHMS mental health. [REDACTED] agreed to take her to see IHMS.

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