Risk rating
Actual self-harm

At approximately 2115h Sunday the July 2015 client service officer (CSO) [REDACTED] acting as Whiskey One was called to attend the restricted area accommodation (RAA). On arrival to the RAA Sterling security guard (SSG) [REDACTED] informed CSO [REDACTED] that asylum seeker (AS) [REDACTED] was not happy about the adult male as being in the raa and that she has gone into ole tea room and is pushing up against the door to prevent access. CSO [REDACTED] immediately gained entry to the room and found AS [REDACTED] standing by a table breathing heavily and crying. CSO [REDACTED] then discovered a bottle of Rid insect repellent on the floor. CSO [REDACTED] called a code blue immediately and requested IHMS attend. It was evident that as [REDACTED] may have ingested this chemical as there appeared to be grey fluid around her lips and chin. CSO [REDACTED] arrived on site to assist, as [REDACTED] became unresponsive and began to vomit, CSO [REDACTED] then felt it to move AS [REDACTED] to IHMS immediately. CSO [REDACTED] and CSO [REDACTED] assisted in carrying as [REDACTED] to MMS. On arrival to IHMS AS [REDACTED] stood up and walked out the rear door kicking and screaming. AS [REDACTED] became aggressive and in order to prevent any harm to herself or others CSO [REDACTED] lightly restrained her. It was not long after this as [REDACTED] became compliant and restraints were released. AS [REDACTED] was then moved to the holding bay IHMS for observations. AS [REDACTED] has calmed down and has been placed on Whiskey watch high arm’s length. The force used was reasonable, proportionate and necessary in order to prevent further harm. No injuries were sustained during this incident.

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