Risk rating
Actual self-harm

At about 13:13hrs CSO [REDACTED] was approached at [REDACTED] by female asylum seeker [REDACTED]. She said officer, come quickly, my brother has cut himself” CSO [REDACTED] followed her to tent [REDACTED]. On entering the room he saw male asylum seeker [REDACTED] (aged [REDACTED] yrs) standing assisted by a female asylum seeker. He was bleeding from the left wrist. There were 3 cuts to his left wrist area. There was blood on the floor and drops of blood in the hallway leading to the room. CSO [REDACTED] called a code blue over the radio. [REDACTED] moved to the hallway , still standing. R2 CSO’S [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] arrived a short time later and took over the first aid of [REDACTED] instructing him to lie down and raise his left arm above his head. Dressings and pressure were applied to the left wrist area. [REDACTED] exhibited signs of shock in that he was cold to touch, shivering slightly and had a weak pulse. Blankets were put on him to keep him warm. IHMS staff members arrived at 12:24hrs. [REDACTED] was taken to IHMS RPC1 by ambulance under escort. He was placed on a high welfare watch prior to leaving RPC3. A search of the room located a razor with the blade removed. The blade used to self harm was not located. The code blue was stood down at 12:36hrs.

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