Risk rating
Actual self-harm

On 26/03/2015 at 4.25pm case worker (CW) [REDACTED] was having a conversation with asylum seeker [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] in the mess in RPC3. CW [REDACTED] was also present. [REDACTED] then disclosed that [REDACTED] ‘did something stupid’. [REDACTED] then disclosed the following: about 4 days ago (Monday 22/03/2015) she stated that she was feeling upset and worried as I miss my husband who lives in the community in Australia. She stated that she wanted a tattoo of his name but can’t get that here so I cut his name on my chest in a discussion about what she was feeling when she did this, [REDACTED] stated that when she feels worried or sad she cuts herself, then has a shower and the pain she experiences when the cut gets wet releases the feelings in my heart and I feel better [REDACTED] then pulled down her tshirt and her husband’s name was observed cut into her skin on the top of her left breast. It appears to be approximately 8-10cm in length and 2cm high with 6 letters. (CW is unable to recall the exact name). [REDACTED] advised that she did not wish to tell CW what she cut herself with as we would take it away or place her on watch. [REDACTED] then showed CW’s her left inner forearm where there were approximately 5-6 scars approximately 2-4cm in length horizontally across her arm. [REDACTED] was crying during this conversation however she advised that she just becomes upset when she speaks about her husband. She advised that she was feeling calm and did not have any plans to harm herself again today. She advised that she would stay with her friends ([REDACTED] and [REDACTED]) this afternoon and if she felt worried or like she was going to harm herself she would contact Whiskey 3 and request to see CW’s.

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