Risk rating
Sexual assault

I CSPW [REDACTED] was speaking with [REDACTED] on the grass above the security entrance of area9. [REDACTED] informed me that her husband [REDACTED] had reported 4 months ago to her that he had been in a car with his [REDACTED] year old son with 2 Nauruan Wilsons security officers, [REDACTED] stated that according to [REDACTED], [REDACTED] was sitting in-between himself and the security officer. [REDACTED] stated that this car was taking the two from area9 to IHMS RPC3. [REDACTED] alledged that [REDACTED] informed her that their son [REDACTED] had said to [REDACTED] that one Nauruan officer had put his hand up [REDACTED] shorts and was playing with his bottom. [REDACTED] then reported that [REDACTED] stated that he removed [REDACTED] from the middle of the car and placed [REDACTED] on his lap but did not say anything as he feared the two Nauruan officers in the car with him. [REDACTED] informed CSPW [REDACTED] that she had reported this to immigration officers in brisbane when she was recently medivac’d ( within the last two weeks) Note: rating changed by wilsons

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