Risk rating

Wilson security allowed SCA staff members [REDACTED 1] & [REDACTED 2] to escort UAMs to the mess at approximately 12.15pm. UAM [REDACTED 3] sat in the mess with his girlfriend and then moved out of the mess to sit in the volleyball court area despite directions from both Wilsons & SCA staff to remain in the Mess. One Wilson staff & one SCA staff [REDACTED 4] remained in Volleyball court area. Two SCA staff ( [REDACTED 1] & [REDACTED 1]) remained in mess with the other UAMs. A disturbance occurred in the family camp area (people running & yelling). UAMs as mentioned above walked to wards exit of mess tent and continued towards the disturbance despite instruction from Wilsons & SCA staff to remain in the mess. [REDACTED 5], [REDACTED 6], [REDACTED 7], [REDACTED 8] and [REDACTED 9] continue to remain in family camp area.

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